Happy New Year!

Januar 01, 2014
wohooo happy new year everyone, i hope you had a good and safe start, i wish you all the best for the upcoming 365 days, may they be filled with love, fun and happiness!
I decided to make a bucket list for 2014 as i did for the last two years so tell me what you think:

  1. get good A levels
  2. go on a trip outside Europe
  3. go on a road trip
  4. spend a weekend in Hamburg
  5. have a holiday job
  6. blog more
  7. attend a cook course
  8. afford a designer piece (bag or shoes)
  9. get tanned in the summer
  10. go to Paris
  11. visit a new city
  12. take lots of photos
  13. read a lot

And another update: I am now on bloglovin!

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